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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Annatto Condiment Paste 16 oz - Achiote

Mi Guatemala Annatto Condiment Paste 16 oz - Achiote

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Mi Guatemala Annatto Condiment Paste is something that you can use in various ways as there isn't a lot of natural flavor. It does have some spices added in, making it something ideal to use with meats. Combine the Mi Guatemala Annatto Condiment Paste with a little bit of water or a delicate sauce for a marinade. You can also use it as a rub on meats that you grill. It is often used on chicken and other poultry. The paste is made with annatto seeds. There is a little food coloring included to give the red color. The paste is sometimes used to add a yellow tint to foods. Annatto paste has a low calorie content, and it is low in sodium. The paste is commonly used in different cheeses, and spreads to give the products their yellow and orange colors. The product has a high amount of Vitamin E and some antioxidants, making this a safe product to consume.

Colorante para comida. El achiote contiene una cantidad considerable de calcio que es esencial para conservar la salud de los huesos y prevenir el deterioro óseo que provoca el envejecimiento.

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