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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Black Kidney Beans 2 Lb - Frijol Piloy Negro

Mi Guatemala Black Kidney Beans 2 Lb - Frijol Piloy Negro

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Mi Guatemala Black Kidney Beans are easy to use in almost any dish. You can use as many as you need and store the rest in a container in a cabinet so that they stay fresh. They add a bold color to a variety of dishes. You can use Mi Guatemala Black Kidney Beans as a layer in a salad or sprinkle them after they are cooked over a salad. The beans can be mashed to give a different texture than simply boiling them in water. Black beans aid in cancer prevention. They contain Vitamin K, which helps in brain function. Fiber in the beans lowers the blood sugar, and the beans also help in lowering cholesterol. Since there is a large amount of fiber in the beans, they help to keep the digestive tract working in a proper manner. They are a natural energy booster and aid in bone health. The beans are a source of protein that you might not get if you don't eat large amounts of meat.

Frijoles contienen altas cantidades de nutrientes como el cobre, ácido fólico, magnesio y fósforo. Contiene vitaminas, zinc, hierro, grasas omega y fibra también. Es una muy buena fuente de proteínas vegetales para vegetarianos.

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