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Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Chili Powder 3oz - Chile Cobanero en polvo

Mi Guatemala Chili Powder 3oz - Chile Cobanero en polvo

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Mi Guatemala Ground Cobanero Chili Peppers are tiny peppers from Guatemala,ground up into a seasoning, that pack a punch! Coban peppers are close to the cayenne and tabasco peppers in spiciness level. This ground Cobanero seasoning starts off with a smoky flavor, followed by a wave of heat that is just as quickly uncovered in a bite of food as it is forgotten after each bite. The heat of the seasoning wears off before you can even take another bite, but the flavor it adds to each bite is undeniable. The flavor of the traditional Guatemalan dish of Kaq-ik, spicy turkey stew, gets its excellent taste from the cobanero peppers used to season the well-known dish. Not only can Mi Guatemala ground Cobanero Chili Peppers be used for Kaq-ik, they are also wonderful peppers to use in spice rubs for meats or in salsas. They can be added to any dish you want to give more kick to leave it rich in spice and flavor!

Contiene vitamina C.

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