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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Chocolate 12 oz - Mi Guatemala Chocolate 12 oz

Mi Guatemala Chocolate 12 oz - Mi Guatemala Chocolate 12 oz

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Mi Guatemala Chocolate is a darker chocolate with a rich taste instead of a milk chocolate. This is a product that can be used as a dip for fruits, or you can use it to bake with. You can also cut small pieces to eat by itself. Darker chocolates are good for the heart if consumed in moderation. Mi Guatemala Chocolate can be used in cake mixes to give a taste that is like fudge. It is best to melt the chocolate before adding to a cake mix. However, you can shave the chocolate for a beautiful embellishment on top of a cake or pie. Peanut butter blends well with this kind of chocolate, as well as bananas and strawberries. This is a good product to use if you want hot chocolate in the winter as it melts well. You can combine the chocolate with items like rice or oatmeal to make cookies or bars, putting them in the refrigerator for a delicious treat.

Es perfecto para tomarlo cuando hay frío, acompañado por unas deliciosas tostadas, una empanada de manjar o unas galletitas.

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