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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Ground Oatmeal 12 oz - Avena Molida

Mi Guatemala Ground Oatmeal 12 oz - Avena Molida

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Mi Guatemala Ground Oatmeal is a type of oatmeal that has been blended so that it is a thinner consistency than what you would normally find. There are a few different uses for this product, especially if you like to bake. One of the common ways to use Mi Guatemala Ground Oatmeal is as a binder. You can use it in meatloaf to keep the meat together, or you can use it with eggs in a casserole so that there is a base for the dish. This is a product that many enjoy for breakfast. Add a little milk, butter and sugar as well as fresh fruits or cinnamon for a delicious, filling breakfast. Combine the oats with melted chocolate or peanut butter to make no bake cookies. All you need to do is drop them on a baking sheet and put them in the refrigerator until they are hard. The oats can also be used in cakes and pies as they don't have a sweet taste and blend well with other flavors.

Es perfecto para tomarlo cuando hay frío, acompañado por unas deliciosas tostadas, una empanada de manjar o unas galletitas.

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