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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Ground Pepitoria 12 oz - Molida

Mi Guatemala Ground Pepitoria 12 oz - Molida

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Whether you are creating a Pepian or just eating it sprinkled on a mango with some lime juice, Mi Guatemala Ground Pepitoria will take your food to the next level. This fine, delicious powder is the result of a special process that begins with perfectly ripe squash. The seeds are carefully scooped out and cleaned before being spread out to dry. Finally, the seeds and hulls together are ground to perfection. The final powder packs a nutritional punch. In addition to fiber it contains protein, vitamin K, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese. A traditional recipe from Amatitlan uses ground squash seeds with rice and sugar to create mazapan, a guilt-free dessert. You couldn�t possible make a pepian without it. The ground seeds thicken this traditional Guatemalan stew and mixes with the chilies and fresh vegetables to create a new but unmistakable flavor. No matter what you want to make, quality ingredients are essential. Make sure to give your family the best; use Mi Guatemala Ground Pepitoria.

Una especia es un espesante que sirve para dar consistencia a los recados o salsas

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