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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Lima Bean 12 oz - Haba Natural

Mi Guatemala Lima Bean 12 oz - Haba Natural

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Mi Guatemala Lima Bean is a product that you can consume alone or use in various recipes if you want something that has fiber and protein. They have a plain taste, making it easy to add them to any other food. The beans are easy to season, especially with salt or pepper and a little vinegar. Mi Guatemala Lima Bean has health benefits that go beyond the fiber content. They are ideal if you need to monitor your blood sugar levels, and they aid in regulating the digestive tract. Lima beans can help prevent constipation, making this a food that is good for those who might not get fiber from other sources. They help in lowering cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart. The beans can aid in releasing iron in the body, which will in turn give you more energy through the day. There is a high level of calcium in lima beans as well, an essential component for bone health.

Las habas nutricionalmente hablando son muy completas y muy nutritivas debido a su contenido en vitaminas A, del grupo B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), C y por los minerales que posee, destacando en particular el hierro, calcio, fósforo, potasio.

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