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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Pumpkin Seed 12 oz - Mi Guatemala Pumpkin Seed 12 oz

Mi Guatemala Pumpkin Seed 12 oz - Mi Guatemala Pumpkin Seed 12 oz

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What an be better than My Guatemala Pumpkin Seeds when you're in the mood for a chewy, quick snack? Pumpkin seeds are the choice of millions. They're tasty, easy to carry, and happen to be one of the most phenomenal foods on the planet. They're packed with an array of nutrients that range from copper and protein to zinc and manganese. These nutrients can arrest harmful free radicals in your system. Free radicals can damage cells and lead to cancer. My Guatemala Pumpkin Seeds can give you an added energy boost between or with meals. They're one the most dependable foods in the world for an impromptu snack. There�s absolutely no downside to eating them either. They're portable, smartly packaged, and they require no refrigeration. They also last a long time without having to worry if they'll turn sour. Adults love pumpkin seeds, and so do kids. For children, pumpkin seeds are a go-to snack that can replace harmful sweets.

Equilibran el Ph del organismo. Benefician la salud intestinal.

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