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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Red Kidney Bean 32 oz - Frijol Piloy Rojo

Mi Guatemala Red Kidney Bean 32 oz - Frijol Piloy Rojo

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Cooking with Mi Guatemala Red Kidney Bean is easy and makes any dish healthier. Full of fiber and rich nutrients, kidney beans add texture to a variety of recipes to make a filling meal that everyone will enjoy. Beans offer a form of protein, and when combined with carbohydrates like rice, create complex carbohydrates that give a person energy. Mi Guatemala Red Kidney Bean is a good resource product. In addition to being healthy, red kidney beans are attractive, adding red splashes of color to many kinds of dishes. They serve a decorative purpose in salads, for example, and are often added to rice for an interesting and delicious main dish or side dish. Red kidney beans can be seasoned with many different condiments for an array of flavors, including garlic, oil, pepper, and sauces. As a wholesome, inexpensive, and satisfying food, red kidney beans are hard to beat for quality and value. They are a common staple for everyday cooking or creative new recipes.

Frijoles rojos contienen altas cantidades de nutrientes como el cobre, ácido fólico, magnesio y fósforo. Contiene vitaminas, zinc, hierro, grasas omega y fibra también. Es una muy buena fuente de proteínas vegetales para vegetarianos.

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