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DIPROSA - Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Toasted Lima Bean 12 oz - Haba Tostada

Mi Guatemala Toasted Lima Bean 12 oz - Haba Tostada

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Toasted Lima Beans have long been a favorite snack in Guatemala. Women carry large bowls of warm beans and scoop them out to order. Small bags of the healthy snack hang in stores across the country. They taste great on their own or with a pinch of chili salt and a squeeze of lime. Now, the secret is out, and people all the world have discovered this traditional treat from Central America. It�s easy to grab a pack as you head out the door. Take them to work for an afternoon pick me up or sprinkle some on your salad for a satisfying crunch without the empty calories often found in croutons. They make a great alternative to trail mix. Easy to eat and salty, they will keep you going while preventing dehydration. Other snacks may leave you feeling heavy or sleepy, but not toasted lima beans from Mi Guatemala. Each one is packed with protein and fiber. Give them a try for a natural alternative to chips or other unhealthy snacks.

Las habas secas son un alimento rico en fósforo. Este alimento también tiene una alta cantidad de vitamina B9.

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