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Mi Guatemala

Mi Guatemala Wheat Flour 32oz - Harina de Trigo

Mi Guatemala Wheat Flour 32oz - Harina de Trigo

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Mi Guatemala Harina de Trigo is a ground wheat flour. Using wheat flour when cooking is proven to have better nutritional value than white flour. Wheat flour is a higher source of fiber than the competing white flour. It can also help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Using Mi Guatemala wheat flour instead of white flour can potentially help chronic inflammation and prevent gallstones. Choosing to switch your family over to wheat flour over white flour is a decision that, along with other things, can help keep your family healthy and strong.

La harina de trigo es un alimento sin colesterol y por lo tanto, su consumo ayuda a mantener bajo el colesterol, lo cual es beneficioso para nuestro sistema circulatorio y nuestro corazón.

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