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Naturas Basic Sauce 8.0 oz - Salsa Basica

Naturas Basic Sauce 8.0 oz - Salsa Basica

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Natura's Basic Sauce has all the right blends of peppers and spices. It's one of the best means of making the most of any meals where chicken, pork or beef is served. You know that your family can eat delicious meals while consuming the healthy nutrients their bodies need. The Basic Sauce can bring those leftovers to life, and give those fussy eaters in your home an excuse to ask for more. One of the positive things about cooking good meals is that it brings family members together. It provides an opportunity to get caught up and keep everyone in the loop. Make sure the Basic Sauce is close at hand. It can provide a good opportunity to give yesterday's meal a second wind.

Lista para usar, es una salsita con característicos sabores naturales.

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