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Naturas Black Beans 14.2 oz - Frijol Negro

Naturas Black Beans 14.2 oz - Frijol Negro

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Natura's Black Beans are not only delicious, but there are several health benefits from eating the beans as well. The beans have a high fiber content and are high in protein. When you mix the beans with something like brown rice, you will have a daily supply of protein. This is important for those who don't eat meat during the day. Natura's Black Beans help in keeping the digestive tract operating as it should. The tract won't be overworked if you eat black beans or a similar bean as much as you can. Black beans help to keep the blood sugar regulated. The protein in the beans promotes a breakdown of the food that is in the body. This will keep the simple sugar uptake at a minimum. The beans are full of several antioxidants, many that help in cancer prevention. They are high in magnesium and zinc, minerals that you might not get from other foods that you have in your diet.

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Está hecho a base de granos molidos de frijol 100% naturales, sin preservantes ni colorantes, preparados con ingredientes cuidadosamente seleccionados y con altos estándares de calidad.

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