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Naturas Black Beans 8.0 oz - Frijol Negro

Naturas Black Beans 8.0 oz - Frijol Negro

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Natura's Black Beans are cooked from dried black beans simmered for hours. The cooked beans are then mashed and fried in either oil or more traditionally, in lard. Onions, salt and pepper are then added, along with other seasonings that bring out the unique flavor of the beans. This lends an authentic home-style taste, and makes them suitable for adding to any recipe calling for refried black beans. Any dish that calls for refried black beans is enhanced by their use. They may be used successfully in a variety of dishes.

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Está hecha a base de granos molidos de frijol 100% naturales, sin preservantes ni colorantes, preparados con ingredientes cuidadosamente seleccionados y con altos estándares de calidad.

Con alto contenido nutricional.

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