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Naturas Sofrito Sauce 8.0 oz - Salsa

Naturas Sofrito Sauce 8.0 oz - Salsa

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Natura's Sofrito Sauce is a sauce with few ingredients, but it has a delicious flavor. There are small pieces of chopped onions, garlic, tomato and other seasonings that combine to make the sauce. It is something that can be used on top of tacos and burritos, or you can use it as a marinade when you want the rich flavor in your meats. Natura's Sofrito Sauce is commonly used on chicken and beef. Use the sauce on a steak, or combine it with noodles. One way that you can add other seasonings to the sauce is by mixing it with a chili. You can also combine hamburger with the chili so that you have the protein with your meal. Use the sauce as a dip for chips or as a layer in a taco salad.

Es una salsita lista para usar, con perfil condimentado.

Esta es una salsa ideal para aplicar a cualquier tipo de preparación de recetas, gracias a su sabor condimentado.

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