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Neuro Fosfaton

Neuro Fosfaton Liquid Shots Dietary Supplement - Suplemento Multivitaminico Viales

Neuro Fosfaton Liquid Shots Dietary Supplement - Suplemento Multivitaminico Viales

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Neuro Fosfaton liquid shots dietary supplement is a nutritional booster containing glutamic acid and phosphorous. The liquid shots are crucial to people suffering from brain malfunctions and nervous system breakdowns. Glutamic acid is an amino acid that provides sufficient protection to heart muscles in people with heart diseases. Neuro Fosfaton liquid shots dietary supplement may be helpful for the treatment of mood related disorders like of bipolar, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Shots of glutamic acid can increase the heart functions and exercise tolerance in patients diagnosed with angina pectoris. Glutamic may also lead to the healthy functioning of the prostate. Potassium can help dialysis patients, trigger the heart to pump blood, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, improve the nervous system functions, and help muscles to move. Glutamic acid is available in high-protein foods such as poultry, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, and protein -rich plants. The body requires glutamic acid (glutamate) to build proteins. When your body does not have enough proteins, Neuro Fosfaton liquid shots will act as viable sources of glutamic acid so as to stimulate neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. People may take Neuro Fosfaton Liquid Shots for the oxygenation of the metabolism of the cerebral cortex. The shots will also reconstitute the brain cells and improve mental alertness.

Jugar un importante papel en mantenimiento de la nuestros cuerpos funcionando bien.

Tonico de los nervios y el cerebro.

Para el rendimiento intelectual y fisico.

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