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Pacaya in Brine - Pacaya en Salmuera

Pacaya in Brine - Pacaya en Salmuera

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Bamboo Shoots in brine are commonly used in many Asian dishes. You can leave the shoots whole, or you can cut them into small pieces to make them easier to add to recipes. They are often added to meals that include chicken or seafood. Bamboo Shoots in brine do have a taste that you have to acquire, but once you have had the shoots with a meal, you will see that they have a somewhat salty flavor. They are commonly used with other vegetables, such as green beans and carrots. While they aren't colorful, they do add a texture to any recipe if you need a slight crunch. They are delicious with a shrimp stir fry that includes peppers and onions. Crab and oysters are also good to enjoy with the shoots as they bring out the natural flavor.

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