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Palmolive Brillantine 1.75 oz - Brillantina

Palmolive Brillantine 1.75 oz - Brillantina

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Palmolive Brilliantine makes hair shiny, luxurious, and healthy-looking. It deeply conditions from the inside, helps style hair, and controls the frizz. It can also be useful for detangling long hair. Palmolive Brilliantine contains all-natural olive oil to nourish the hair and scalp. If you blow-dry or heat-style your hair daily, comb some of this blend through your wet hair before styling to help protect the hair from damage. To prevent dry, static-laden hair in the winter, rub some of this blend through dry hair, paying special attention to the ends of the hair. Dipping the ends of hair into this blend can help prevent split ends. To help hold hair in your favorite style, apply a tiny amount of the hair blend to your brush or comb and smooth hair into place. To help create shine and hold for a ponytail or similar style, place the hair into the desired style and then rub a little of the blend over the top of the hair to produce a brilliant shine.

La brillantina Palmolive da nuevo brillo a su cabello.

Con brillantina Palmolive mejor peinado y perfumado queda el pelo.

Contiene aceite de oliva que para el pelo.

La brillantina Palmolive deja el cabello seductor.

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