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Palmolive Oats and Sugar Soap 6.34 oz - Jabon de Avena y Azucar

Palmolive Oats and Sugar Soap 6.34 oz - Jabon de Avena y Azucar

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Palmolive Oats and Sugar Soap uses the power of oats and brown sugar to gently exfoliate and soften dry skin. Each bar is filled with the fragrance of rich, warm brown sugar, making the shower feel like a spa treatment. This soap has a creamy lather that works well, even with hard water. Palmolive Oats and Sugar Soap is gentle enough for daily use, leaving skin truly clean after bathing. Oat protein soothes dry skin as it exfoliates. Glycerin leaves skin feeling soft and silky. Exfoliation is important because dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, making it look dull and flaky. Exfoliation gently removes these cells, revealing live, healthy skin. For people with dry skin or who live in a cold climate, this soap works best when paired with a moisturizing body lotion after bathing. Try applying the moisturizer while skin is still dam to lock in moisture. Palmolive is known for its line of soaps, body washes, and hand sanitizers that clean well while nourishing and protecting skin. Palmolive's Naturals line features soothing botanical extracts with light, natural scents.

Siente la delicada exfoliación del nuevo Jabón en Barra Palmolive Naturals. Su combinación de extractos 100% naturales dejará tu piel más suave y renovada.

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