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Palmolive Yoghurt and Fruits Soap 6.34 oz - Jabon de Yoghurt y Frutas

Palmolive Yoghurt and Fruits Soap 6.34 oz - Jabon de Yoghurt y Frutas

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Palmolive Yoghurt and Fruits Soap leaves skin looking radiant and feeling soft to the touch. Unlike traditional soaps that can dry out the skin, this bar soap will leave you feeling moisturized and ready to take on the day. The formula of this product is of natural origin but it still creates a soft and creamy lather, allowing moisture to be absorbed into the skin. It is excellent for those with itchy dry winter skin, creating softness you can feel day by day. This bar soap is traditional and easy to use while it still gives the perfect amount of moisture to the skin without feeling greasy or leaving any sort of residue behind. Palmolive Yoghurt and Fruits Soap moisturizes the skin with a healthy, natural glow. This is Palmolive's best moisturizing formula that combines the creamy lather of yoghurt with nature's most delightfully scented fruits. Not only does the moisture last all day, the scent will linger with you too.

El jabón en barra Palmolive Naturals tiene una duración prolongada y una espuma cremosa que mantiene tu piel suave y limpia.

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