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Panadol Cold Relief 100 Tabs Display - Antigripal en Tabletas

Panadol Cold Relief 100 Tabs Display - Antigripal en Tabletas

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A common cold or the flu comes with a lot of aches, pains, fevers and chills, but if you want instant relief from these annoying and troublesome discomforts, just use Panadol Cold Relief Tabs. These tablets are small and easy to swallow, and the effects they have in clearing up your symptoms are quick. That way, you don�t have to wait for relief. In fact, each tab is film-coated in order that it�s easier to swallow even for people who have trouble swallowing pills and tabs. Panadol Cold Relief Tabs will provide relief from a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including backaches, muscular aches, symptoms of the cold or flu, toothaches, headaches and serious migraines, arthritis and osteoarthritis, menstruation pain and discomfort and more. These tabs can even help reduce your temperature when you have a fever. If you have stomach ulcers, you don�t have to worry about the tabs complicating or aggravating your ulcers. Remember to read the label on your tabs and follow the directions closely for the best temporary relief from pain, discomfort and mild fever.

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