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Perlop Concha Nacar Day No.1 2 oz - Crema de Dia Natural

Perlop Concha Nacar Day No.1 2 oz - Crema de Dia Natural

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Perlop Concha Nacar Day Cream provides a protective layer for the face. It deeply moisturizes and shields the face from pollution, sunlight, toxins, dry air, and other damaging environmental factors. The cream creates a smooth, flawless finish over the face that is ideal for applying makeup. Perlop Concha Nacar Day Cream contains finely crushed oyster shells that act to hide blemishes, absorb excess oil, reflect sunlight, and make the complexion appear smoother and more radiant. Oyster shells may also be able to stimulate growth of elastin and collagen to improve the skin's texture. This cream also contains vitamin C from lemons. Vitamin C is a potent skin-lightening agent, fading away dark sunspots and imperfections in the complexion. Extract of witch hazel soothes and heals the skin, reducing redness and encouraging the skin to develop a youthful glow. To use, first cleanse the face. Apply a small amount of the cream to the face and apply in a gentle sweeping upward circular motion. Wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed before applying makeup.

Para humectar e hidratar la piel todos los días, para lograr un cutis más joven y sano.

Para proteger la piel de los elementos dañInos usando ingredientes probados y totalmente naturales.

Para suavizar la piel y evitar que absorba los pigmentos del maquillaje, es una base perfecta de maquillaje.

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