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Magnesia Therfam - Phillips

Phillips Milk of Magnesia Original Flavor 4 oz - Leche de Magnesia

Phillips Milk of Magnesia Original Flavor 4 oz - Leche de Magnesia

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Milk of Magnesia is magnesium hydroxide, which is a salt. The product treats constipation by increasing salt concentrations in the large intestine, which causes the large intestine to absorb less water back into the blood stream. The additional water remaining in the large intestine results in a softer stool and easier bowel movements. Since this product is a liquid formulation, it works quickly in most people. There are a few scenarios in which a person should not use the product. The kidneys regulate salt concentrations in the blood stream, and a person should not use this product if they have bad kidney function. This product should never be used to treat episodes of diarrhea. A person should also limit the use of this product, because overuse of Phillips Milk of Magnesia can create a situation where the large intestine develops a tolerance and dependency. If that occurs, the person might have to use the product continuously for bowel movements.

Funciona con el proceso natural de su cuerpo para aliviar suavemente el estreñimiento.

Laxante salino.

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