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Picamas Green Hot Sauce 16.6 oz - Salsa verde picante

Picamas Green Hot Sauce 16.6 oz - Salsa verde picante

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ByB Picamas Green Hot sauce is made with fresh hot peppers. Green in color and with a medium heat, this product can be used on almost anything. Some of the items that it's commonly used on include burritos, tortilla chips and chicken wings. The ByB Picamas Green Hot sauce has a texture that is similar to ketchup. The flavors that are in the sauce can be used in a variety of recipes. You can create a delicious dip with onions and garlic powder. Blend the sauce with rice to create a filling for burritos. Since there isn't a lot of heat in the sauce, you can add jalapenos and other peppers so that you can adjust the amount of heat that you have in the dish.

Contiene Vitamina C.

Los chiles serranos contienen Capsaicina que actúa como antioxidante en nuestro cuerpo.

Es un producto excelente para combinar con cualquier comida.

Posee muy bajas calorías.

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