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Picamas Red Hot sauce 6.02 oz - Salsa Roja picante

Picamas Red Hot sauce 6.02 oz - Salsa Roja picante

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If you want to enjoy searing hot flavor in a favorite dish, try ByB Picamas Red Hot Sauce to accentuate the flavor of your meals. Hot sauce has become a staple in many meals today with growing interest in spicy foods. Made of chili peppers and other ingredients that give the sauce its hot flavor, spicy red sauce can be added to many recipes, including chili, burgers, and hearty soups. ByB Picamas Red Hot Sauce can spice up any meal, whether a regular family dinner or a barbecue with relatives and friends. Hot sauce is great for enhancing the flavor of bland or mild foods. Some people add it to a breakfast omelet or splash it on chips for a snack. Cooks like to add spicy sauce to certain types of Hispanic recipes. It can be used to season vegetables or to add zing to just about anything on a person's plate. Hot sauce is also good for health when consumed in moderation due to the nutrient that makes it naturally spicy.

Es un producto excelente para combinar con cualquier comida.

Posee muy bajas calorías.

Los chiles serranos contienen Capsaicina que actúa como antioxidante en nuestro cuerpo.

Contiene Vitamina C.

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