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Picot - Sal Uvas Picot

Picot Antacid Display 48 Units - Sal de Uvas

Picot Antacid Display 48 Units - Sal de Uvas

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Picot Antacid effervescent powder is an effective remedy for acid indigestion, heartburn and symptoms of sour stomach that can result from overeating, consumption of spicy or acidic foods and mild stomach viruses. Each packet contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, powerful ingredients that work to neutralize excess stomach acids and minimize discomfort. This antacid treatment works fast, as the effervescent powder dissolves quickly and immediately absorbs into the system. The recommended dosage for this treatment for adults and children aged 12 and over is one packet every 4 hours as symptoms persist. To use, pour one packet into 1/2 glass of water. Stir the contents of the glass until completely dissolved and drink the entire glass of water. Adults under the age of 60 should not take more than 4 packets within a 24 hour period. Adults age 60 and over should not consume more than 3 packets within a 24 hour period. Picot Antacid effervescent powder should not be taken on a consistent basis for longer than two weeks.

Contra agruras, acidez e indigestión ocasionados por los excesos en la comida.

Es un antiácido en polvo efervescente que da alivio rápido y seguro a agruras, acidez e indigestión.

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