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Aceite de Oliva

Predilecto Aceite de Oliva 4 oz - Olive Oil

Predilecto Aceite de Oliva 4 oz - Olive Oil

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Predilecto olive oil the olive oil may also be used as a hair conditioner, either alone or with other natural oils, to improve shine and manageability and increase growth of hair. Olive oil is also reported to contain anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Although some people also use Jaloma olive oil for tanning, Because this product contains all natural ingredients, there should be no concerns with side effects so long as the product is used as directed, and allergic reactions to this product are unlikely. This is not a cooking grade olive oil and should only be used on the skin or hair and should not be ingested.

Alivia los dolores.

Podría ayudar a perder peso.

Fortalece el sistema inmunológico.

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