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Protex Balance Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Balance Natural

Protex Balance Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Balance Natural

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Protex Balance Soap stands out in a field full of soaps claiming all sorts of miracles. Germs are all over our environment and on everything we touch. That is why the right soap makes all the difference. Protex Balance soap is a great tool for getting the clean you deserve. The specially balanced formula was created to kill bacteria on skin without being harsh or abrasive. Furthermore, the antibacterial effect lingers long after you are done washing your hands. As for maintaining optimal health and balance in your skin, this soap cannot be beat. It smells fresh and is great for every day washing as well as heavy use, such as after gardening or doing chores. It is also perfect for children to use after a hard day at school or play. It can be difficult to choose the right soap and be sure that you are getting quality, but this brand is dependable for getting the job done, leaving you fresh and balanced, and not drying out your skin.

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