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Protex Complete 12 Bar Soap - Jabon Completo 12

Protex Complete 12 Bar Soap - Jabon Completo 12

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Want a bar soap that leaves you smelling good but also leaves your skin protected for up to 12 hours? Protex Complete 12 is an anti-germ soap that protects your skin from germs and bacteria that are commonly found on the skin. When you use Protex Complete 12, you can have peace of mind that you are getting cleanliness and protection in one wash. It is a great bar soap for the whole family! Keep your children's hands clean and protected after school, playing outside, or having kid adventures. Take the Protex Complete 12 to the shower for up to 12 hours of protection for your whole body. Your skin will thank you, the germs will not.

For external use only.

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