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Protex Fresh Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Frescura Natural

Protex Fresh Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Frescura Natural

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Protex Fresh Soap is an invigorating soap that will not only leave you with a fresh scent but feeling good as well. While the fresh, clean fragrance of the soap relaxes your mind the anti-bacterial power of the soap will leave your body free of contaminants and dirt build up. This soap actually reduces the collection of bacteria on the skin by 99%. By fighting off and preventing the regrowth of bacteria, Protex Fresh Soap reduces the frequency and duration of acne and other skin breakouts caused by daily filth build up on the skin. Along with thoroughly cleansing the skin, this soap also moisturizes. Clean and properly moisturized skin provides the a stronger barrier between you and innumerable germs and diseases. This soap doesn't just wash away harmful contaminants, it also strengthens your skin to protect against them. By including Protex Fresh Soap into your daily hygiene routine you are protecting the skin over your entire body against illness and infection while also giving it a youthful, firm appearance. Strengthening and revitalizing your skin will help your feel and look your absolute best.

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