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Protex Oats Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Avena

Protex Oats Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon de Avena

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Specialty soaps, like Protex Oats Soap, provide extra protection or cleaning ability to various skin types. Oatmeal has long been recognized as a natural skin cleanser. Making soap with oats is a great way to gently exfoliate rough, dead skin cells for a cleaner, firmer, and clearer complexion. Protex Oats Soap is especially good for those with sensitive skin. While thorough, it does not irritate most skin surfaces. Shoppers who wish to avoid harsh cosmetic industry additives and chemicals often prefer products like this one. It has a nice touch and feels good on the body's skin while cleaning away germs and everyday toxins that can cause blemishes or even make us sick. In fact, the facial skin may appear brighter with more color than before. Oatmeal cleansers are a popular and effective way to keep skin soft and natural. Special soaps made of oats are growing in demand by consumers who are turning from artificial ingredients to those that are good for the body.

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