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Protex Vitamine E Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon con Vitamina E

Protex Vitamine E Soap 3.9 oz - Jabon con Vitamina E

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Protex Vitamin E Soap can give you the soft skin that you desire. It has vitamins that won't dry the skin, making it a product that you can use every day. This is also an antibacterial soap that will keep germs and bacteria off of the skin. Protex Vitamin E Soap is ideal to use if you or someone in the home has been sick as it can help in stopping the spread of germs. Vitamin E promotes the health of the skin. Using a soap can help in healing cuts on the skin faster while reducing the scars that might form after an injury to the skin. There is a light fragrance to the soap. This is beneficial to those who don't like something that has a strong scent. There are no deodorants used in the soap, making it something that is ideal for those who have sensitive skin. The soap is good to use by both children and adults.

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