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Racor Cheese Sponge Cake 9.74oz - Quesadilla

Racor Cheese Sponge Cake 9.74oz - Quesadilla

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Racor Cheese Sponge Cake or Quesadilla is a popular coffee cake among people in some Latin American countries. Quesadilla cake has a pound cake like denseness and consistency. It is typically eaten as a coffee cake, but can be enjoyed whenever you are craving that sweet cheese taste. The secret to giving the delicious, sweet, cheesy flavor and density to Racor cheese sponge cake is the grated cheeses specially formulated for their cake mix. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top for added texture and crunch. Enjoy a mini Cheese Sponge cake jam-packed with the same delicious flavor that is enjoyed in Latin America alongside a cup of coffee, with a pack of six Racor Quesadilla cakes.

Deliciosas para disfrutar con cafecito.

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