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Racor Dry Red Beans 32oz - Frijoles Rojo de Seda

Racor Dry Red Beans 32oz - Frijoles Rojo de Seda

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Want a bean you can cook with almost every meal to help your family stay healthy? Racor Frijoles Rojos Seca are beans that have many health benefits and taste wonderful! Red beans are a great source of cholesterol lowering fiber that helps give people with diabetics or hypertension the fiber they need. Red beans have also been tested to show they can help lower a person's risk of a heart attack. They can be a source of iron as well. Not only do they benefit your heatlh, they also go great with just about any meal! They taste just a scrumptious when cooked with rice as they do, cooked as a side for a chicken dish. Help your family have delicious meals while getting health benefits when you add Racor Dried Red Beans to your meal plan!

Proteínas, tan solo una taza de frijoles cocidos contiene alrededor de 15 gramos de proteína vegetal.

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