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Rude & Gliceryn Soap 3.3 oz - Jabon de Ruda y Glicerina

Rude & Gliceryn Soap 3.3 oz - Jabon de Ruda y Glicerina

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The full, earthy scent of the ancient rue herb permeates this gentle and natural glycerin soap. As the aroma invigorates and energizes you, this soap will cleanse your skin without fear of irritation while it also moisturizes. Though other soaps may incorporate harsh perfumes and synthetic ingredients into their products, this soap's natural simplicity allows for a more satisfying cleanse that will leave your skin looking radiant while leaving behind a faint and pleasantly herbaceous smell without fear of discomfort. This long-lasting bar of soap makes a fantastic hand, face or body soap for anyone who enjoys earth scents and for those who may have sensitivities to astringents and perfumes. This aromatic herb is rumored to have properties that increase a person's prosperity and luck. Many people claim that rue attracts love, success and wealth and using it increases your chances of these things. While that may or may not be true, one thing it has for sure is natural ingredients that will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

Jabón de glicerina suave y natural.

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