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Sanatos Childrens Syrup 4 oz - Antigripal de Dia

Sanatos Childrens Syrup 4 oz - Antigripal de Dia

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Sanatos Children's Syrup provides temporary relief for children suffering from minor throat and bronchial irritation. Children are going to be active and touch and handle just about everything in sight. That's to be expected. However, their daily activity exposes them to airborne pollens, and just about everything that can bring on the symptoms of a common cold. Sanatos Children's Syrup offers the caution that it should be kept out the reach of small children. Children six to 12 years of age may take 1-2 teaspoons every four hours. For children 4-6 years of age, no more than one teaspoon every four hours is recommended. Keep your children healthy. Having a Santos product on hand can help you to do just that. Many parents are pleased that the product works so quickly, and that there is a safe, effective product that can provide their children with relief. Knowing that you took good care of them, your children will look back one day and appreciate your concern and hard work. Make sure they get the right kind of exercise. They only have one childhood in which to establish healthy habits.

Es ideal para el tratamiento de la tos con flema producida por la irritación bronquial y de la garganta.

Un potente inhibidor de la tos, y Guaifenesin, un expectorante que afloja el moco en el tracto respiratorio, efectivamente limpiar las vías respiratorias.

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