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Sanatos Day Syrup 6 oz - Antigripal de Dia

Sanatos Day Syrup 6 oz - Antigripal de Dia

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Sanatos Day Syrup helps combat the cold, flu and cough symptoms during the day when there's little time to slow down. The product contains acetaminophen, which is a powerful cough suppressant. It also helps to reduce fevers and pain associated with common colds and flu. If severe coughing continues after using the product, call your doctor and set an appointment. Your doctor will be able to advise other remedies or examine you for other causes. Dealing with cold symptoms and a busy life can drain you. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and exercise as much as possible.

Alivio de dolor de garganta.

Reductor de fiebre.

Descongestionante nasal.

Alivia dolores y malestares leves.

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