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Savile Biotin Shampoo 750ml - Biotina Champu

Savile Biotin Shampoo 750ml - Biotina Champu

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Is your hair full of breakage and damage from overuse of heat tools? If you want to strengthen your hair to not break as easy, you need to get Savile Biotina Shampoo. Savile Biotin Shampoo is specially formulated to strengthen the hair follicles as you wash, allowing you to have less breakage and damage to your beautiful strands as they grow. The formula increases your hair elasticity and helps your hair to appear fuller. It has aloe in the formula which helps to repair, soothe, and lock in moisture to your scalp as your follicles get the TLC they need to fight breakage. Get strong, voluminous locks when you use Savile Biotin Shampoo.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly. Do not ingest.

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