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Savile Radiant Curls Shampoo 750ml - Rizos Radiantes Champu

Savile Radiant Curls Shampoo 750ml - Rizos Radiantes Champu

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Stop looking at your dull, undefined, frizzy curls and start using Savile Rizos Radiantes shampoo! Savile Radiant Curls shampoo is a shampoo that helps tune up your curls, waves, or kinks. It helps to keep your luxurious curls in place all day after styling them the way you want them. Savile Radiant Curls Shampoo is specially formulated to lock in moisture to your curls and help minimize frizz. The formula contains linseed, which helps curls stay defined all day. It has aloe vera in its formula to help moisturize your scalp as the rest of the formula works to give you the radiant curls you long for.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly. Stop using if you notice any adverse reaction. Do not ingest.

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