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Scotts Emulsion Orange Flavored Cod Oil 6.7 oz - Emulsion Naranja

Scotts Emulsion Orange Flavored Cod Oil 6.7 oz - Emulsion Naranja

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Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil is a supplement that can help boost the body's immunity. When the immune system is weakened, the whole body can suffer. Some may have a challenge with the taste at first but are quickly pleased with the product's ability to fight off cold and flu symptoms. The product works well for children with ear infections too. Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil contains Vitamin A and D along with cod liver oil. It also contains fructose, calcium hypophosphite and orange juice. The recommended daily dosage is enough to realize fast results. Adopting healthy living strategies can also go a long way in helping boost your immune system. Smoking, excessive drinking and stress are among the biggest enemies. Get enough sleep and exercise on a regular basis. Regular medical screening can also help alert people about their health status. Keep a positive outlook on life. The immune systems is very sensitive to our emotions.

La vitamina A apoya la función inmune normal y la visión sana.

Para un impulso diario que sea más sabroso, dele a su hijo esta mezcla de aceite de hígado de bacalao, vitamina A, vitamina D y calcio, con la bondad añadida del jugo de naranja.

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