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Bayer - Tabcin

Tabcin Blue Cold Refief 76 Tablets - Anti Gripal Azul

Tabcin Blue Cold Refief 76 Tablets - Anti Gripal Azul

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Tabcin Blue Cold Relief is a trusted product that people rely on to fight seasonal allergies and symptoms of a cold and the flu. Spring arrives right on schedule each year and distributes its bounty of pollen and mold. The result is sneezing, itchiness, sniffles and dry and watery eyes. For some, this is a ritual that runs its course every year. Adolescents over the age of 15 and adults can take the recommended dosages as stated in the instructions. Parents, with children under 15, can consult with a doctor before their children take a dosage. Tabcin Blue Cold Relief has a number of effective ingredients, which include glycerol, purified water and gelatin. Any time of year is a good time to exercise regularly if staying healthy is on your mind. Spring, however, is a special season to exercise because a healthy body is the first line of defense against pollen and other impurities that are sure to invade the atmosphere. Stay healthy and keep your cold relief handy for those days that might just get the best of you.

Para aliviar los síntomas del resfriado común o gripe, como congestión nasal, dolor de cabeza, cuerpo cortado, secreción nasal, fiebre, estornudos, ojos llorosos, dolor de garganta y malestar general.

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