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Tabcin Purple Cold Relief 60 Tablets - Anti Gripal Morado

Tabcin Purple Cold Relief 60 Tablets - Anti Gripal Morado

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Tabcin Purple Cold Relief help reduce the pain and fever associated with cold and flu symptoms. If you feel that spring arrives every year with pollens that are targeted just for you, you�re not alone. Each year, millions of people suffer from cold and flu symptoms as a result of grass, weeds and pollen that fills the atmosphere. Headaches, runny noses, scratchy throats and hack coughs are the �rite� of spring. Tabcin Purple Cold Relief contains phenylalanine, which is an essential building block that the body uses to make proteins. Proteins are major components of every body cell and are useful in helping make hormones, enzymes and other important body chemicals. Colds and flu can quickly deplete the body of these building blocks which can leave a person weak and fighting for the next breath. As you know, a daily exercise routine can work wonders for your health. Keep your cold relief supplement handy for those days when a cold or the flu gets the best of you.

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