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Tortrix Spicy Corn Chips 6.3oz - Picante chips

Tortrix Spicy Corn Chips 6.3oz - Picante chips

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The corn in the chips helps to keep the spiciness from overpowering your taste buds. Each chip is not spicy on their own, but eat a bag full and you will begin to feel the spicy burn. Tortrix Picante chips are wonderful as an afternoon snack or a party snack. About to eat a bowl of chili but feel it needs a little more kick to it, crush some of Totrix Spicy corn chips on top and enjoy the slow burn. Add unbeatable taste to your meals. The irresistible crunch and flavor will leave you craving more!

Snack o Boquita, hecha a partir de harina de maíz nixtamalizada, luego frita y sazonado con picante.

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