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Vick Vitapirena Painkiller 50 Envelopes Display - Analgesico

Vick Vitapirena Painkiller 50 Envelopes Display - Analgesico

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Vick Vitapirena Analgesic powder works well to treat pain and inflammation caused by colds, flu viruses, headaches, muscle aches, tooth aches and menstrual cramps. The medication also aids in treating fevers that often accompany colds and flu. Each effervescent powder packet contains paracetamol, an analgesic medication that is often utilized as an alternative to aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. To use, empty one effervescent powder packet into a cup of hot water. Allow the ingredients to fully dissolve before drinking the liquid. The warm water combined with the active ingredients of the medication will help to open up the nasal passages and ease symptoms of congestion. The medicine is flavored with honey and lemon, natural ingredients that help to soothe the throat. This medicated beverage should not be consumed by individuals with liver disease or kidney problems. Individuals who drink three or more alcoholic beverages each day and women who are pregnant should consult with a physician prior to taking Vick Vitapirena Analgesic powder.

Alivio sintomático de dolores (de cabeza, garganta, musculares) leves a moderados, alivio de estados gripales y/o resfríos y reducir la fiebre.

Auxiliar en el tratamiento de las molestias del resfriado común, como: dolor de cabeza, fiebre, dolor corporal y dolor de garganta.

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