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Procter & Gamble - Vicks

Vicks Vapor Rub 100g - VapoRub

Vicks Vapor Rub 100g - VapoRub

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Tired of going to bed with a stubborn cough or stopped up nose? Vicks Vapor Rub is the perfect solution for your bedtime cold woes. Rub Vicks on your chest to help alleviate that pesky cough while you sleep. The vapor rub will also help to clear your nasal airways so you can breathe easier while you sleep. Vicks Vapor Rub works to fight hard at night against your cold symptoms so you don't have to. Get a good night's sleep, even when you have a cold with Vicks Vapor Rub.

Do not ingest. If you have a fever or the symptoms persist for 3 days, consult a doctor. Avoid contact with the nose, eyes, mouth, and genitals. Discontinue using in case of a skin irritation or allergy, then consult your doctor.

Do not use product on children under 2 years old because contains camphor. Keep away from children. Keep jar well covered and in temperatures less than 30 degrees Celsius.

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