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Virogrip Gel 24 Caps Day Time - Capsulas para el Dia

Virogrip Gel 24 Caps Day Time - Capsulas para el Dia

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At the first sign of cold or flu symptoms, Virogrip Gel Caps Day Time formula provides relief from bothersome symptoms like coughs, sneezing, fever and congestion. The duties of our busy days do not stop because of fever and body aches; this fast acting daytime pill goes to work so that you can too. Virogrip Gel Caps Day Time is convenient, easy to swallow medicine for colds and flu that will make a sick day more like any other day, and it will not leave you drowsy. Colds and flu can strike at anytime, and the runny nose, congestion and head pain can make every task more difficult. When traveling, the distraction of body aches and fever can turn a pleasant journey into a test. This medication does more than mask symptoms; it promotes healing and recovery. It avoids the irritation to nasal and breathing passages from repeated coughing, and it reduces the spread of germs to more areas. Take a break from cold and flu even when you cannot take a break from your daily routine, and feel better right away.

Alivia el dolor de cabeza, malestar general y baja la fiebre.

Elimina el lagrimeo, la picazón y secreción nasal.

Calma la tos.

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