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Virogrip Night Time 24 Caps - Capsulas Para la Noche

Virogrip Night Time 24 Caps - Capsulas Para la Noche

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Virogrip Night Time provides relief from cold and flu symptoms. They give added protection from bothersome symptoms like congestion, coughs and sneezing. They reduce fever, relieve body aches, and clear stuffy heads and nasal passages. Designed for use near sleep time, the extra strength capsules are easy to use and convenient. Virogrip Night Time promotes uninterrupted sleep; this is a key for shortening the duration of colds or flu. Made from active ingredients that go to work quickly, the capsules reduce symptoms and support the immune response to viruses and bacteria. They prevent the spread of the virus in the mucous membranes and reduce nasal drips. The control fevers and reduce the muscle and body ache that come with colds and flu. Bothersome symptoms like coughs and sneezing not only cause difficulty, but they also can irritate nasal linings and breathing passages. The easy to swallow caps help relieve bronchial and throat irritation. Rest and sleep are important parts of a strong recovery; the body removes toxins and wastes that build up as it fights the infections.

Alivia el dolor de cabeza, malestar general y baja la fiebre.

Elimina el lagrimeo, la picazón y secreción nasal.

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