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Virogrip Night Time Tea 24 Envelopes - Te para la Noche

Virogrip Night Time Tea 24 Envelopes - Te para la Noche

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Virogrip Night Time Tea is a specially prepared herbal tea that uses natural plants and leaves to relieve congestion, soothe passages and reduce discomfort. It is a time honored way to treat flu and cold symptoms and promote restful sleep. Symptoms of cold, flu or viruses can make it difficult to get regular rest that the body needs to heal and stay strong. Virogrip Night Time Tea can help reduce symptoms and promote the healing, health benefits of regular sleep. In sleep, the body performs vital functions such as ridding itself of toxins. The body needs rest periods to build immunity and fight off the effects of viruses and bacteria. The flu and viruses can cause fevers, and colds can affect breathing and clog nasal passages. Congestion can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep with head pain, body ache, sneezing, and coughing. When dealing with the symptoms of colds or flu, natural decongestants, pain and fever reducing herbs will provide instant relief. A warm tea of natural healing herbs will soothe irritations, and promote a speedy recovery.

Alivia el dolor de cabeza, malestar general y baja la fiebre.

Elimina el lagrimeo, la picazón y secreción nasal.

Calma la tos.

Despeja la congestión nasal.

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