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Virogrip Tea Day Time 24 Envelopes - Te para el Dia

Virogrip Tea Day Time 24 Envelopes - Te para el Dia

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Using Virogrip Tea Day Time formula can relieve the symptoms of cold and flu; it can put the day on a path of greater comfort. Persistent coughs, congestion and sneezing, can interfere with daily activities. Fever and body ache can make even routine tasks difficult. There may not be a way to turn off the duties of work, career, school, and family; however, Virogrip Tea Day Time can turn off the aggravating cold and flu symptoms. The lemon flavored hot tea provides an immediate feeling of warmth and relief from head congestion. The fast-acting active ingredients provide hours of decongestant, reduces nasal dripping, and controls aches and fever. Designed to be non-drowsy, it helps one get through the busy day without noticing the frequent symptoms of cold and flu. It is useful for those with busy schedules or away on travel, and it is an excellent remedy anytime one needs relief for clogged and irritated breathing passages. Rather than coping with bothersome and irritating coughs and sneezes, one can go about the day without the added concerns of cold or flu symptoms.

Despeja la congestión nasal.

Calma la tos.

Alivia el dolor de cabeza, malestar general y baja la fiebre.

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