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Vitacilina Antibiotic Cream 14 grams - Vitacilina en Crema

Vitacilina Antibiotic Cream 14 grams - Vitacilina en Crema

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Vitacilina is a first aid solution used to prevent infection from minor cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises. Many people lead an active life, and there's no time to babysit those little annoyances of pain and irritation. It's always good to keep some type of remedy handy for quick relief. When applied, neomycin sulfates go quickly to work to fight bacteria before infection can set in. For best results, a person can apply Vitacilina cream one to three times daily on minor wounds. You can apply a sterile bandage over the infected area. In the case of animal bites or deeper wounds, it's advisable to visit your doctor.

Vitacilina te deja la piel suave y tersa.

Ayuda a combatir infeccion y acelera la cicatrizacion.

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